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Rike Audio Edzard Amplifier



Following up to the post from today. As many of you've requested more info on EDZARD amplifier here we go:

Rike audio real ultra-high-end tube amplifier originate from Germany for a change. Several specialists under the leadership of Georg arsine created a tube amplifier, that never existed so far. EDZARD is a modular four-part amplifier: two Monos with their own power supply by approximately 200 kg gross weight.

Heart of the EDZARD are the KRON 1610 tubes and the driver tubes are the Kron 300B. EDZARD use C3M (Siemens or Telefunken) on the input. It spots 50 Watts into 8 ohms, single-ended, class A.

EDZARD audio-oiled paper capacitors, which developing took more than five years. Countless listening sessions resulted in a perfect balance of all relevant parameters and brought some of the manufacturing technology innovations that must unfortunately remain the secret.

Silver output transformer, transformer coupled.Use of highly selected and highest quality components.

A material developed specifically by the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is used in housing construction for the first time for perfect dealings with the resonances.

The current is kept permanently with a new method on the optimal operating point.

This is the design artistic endeavour and the end product speaks for itself.

Everything in development of EDZARD lead to a synthesis of the arts, that serves the music.

Each amplifier is completely unique and specially manufactured for each customer. Made in Germany.

Source: Mono and Stereo ultra high end audio magazine 03-2014.